One book for all your moments
ONLY 99.99

Hand bound and personally embossed in Ireland within a beautiful vegan leather cover, our VideoBooks combine traditional craftsmanship with all of the innovation and features of a video editing service.


The unique screw post design allows you to order additional project pages which can be easily added to any existing VideoBook.

How to create your VideoBook
  1. Easily upload photos and videos to the storyboard and drag & drop them into your preferred sequence.
  2. Your VideoBook will be printed in the order that you have placed your files in the storyboard.
  3. Choose from our range of video styles and extensive music library to bring your project to life.
  4. Preview your video and if you’re happy to proceed click ‘I’m Happy’ to have your project delivered.
How it’s delivered
  • Your VideoBook will arrive fully personalised and printed in the sequence in which you created your project. 
  • All photos and videos from the storyboard will be printed and included in the final version
  • Where the file is a video you will see a personalised QR code that leads directly to that video.
  • Simply open the camera on your phone and point it at the code to bring the photo to life.
  • Your completed project will have its own QR code that will be printed along with the title photo on page 1.
  • All our video books have been designed with a meticulous focus on materials lending a feeling of craft to each edition associated with only the highest quality products.
  • 320mm x 233mm
  • Hand crafted vegan leather exterior cover
  • Luxurious internal felt finish
  • 350gsm high quality photographic leafs
  • Unique screw post binding designing including nickel screw post pairings


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