VideoBook: A Personalised Gift for Friends and Family

Have you ever been stuck for the perfect gift to give on a special occasion? Or looking for a quirky way to showcase your feelings for a loved one? Give them the perfect compilation of digital mementoes with VideoBook, an elegant, hand-bound photo book for showcasing your most meaningful photo and video memories. Whether it’s a memorable day at the beach with friends, a treasured moment at your daughter’s graduation or a video montage of all your family members telling your mum happy birthday, VideoBook is changing the way we come together. It’s perfect for personalised gifts, milestone celebrations or even just a unique talking piece on your coffee table. Essentially, it’s a photo book for the 21st century, allowing you to customise and rearrange an endless combination of soundtracks, themes and filters.

Simply upload your photos and videos to and then arrange them in the perfect sequence on the Storyboard. You can then edit, add music and other creative flourishes with our easy 3 step builder, no technical skills required. With VideoBook, you can rest assured that all your memories will be in one place, easily accessible for whenever you want to relive them. The modern family lives and travels in all different corners of the globe. And VideoBook provides a new way for you to come together and contribute your own video to a family reunion montage that can be enjoyed again and again.

What Is VideoBook?

From the outside, VideoBook has the appearance of a high-end, luxury wedding album with its tan brown vegan leather finish and felt interior. It is hand-bound and personalised in our traditional bindery in Galway, Ireland. Each book is embossed on the front cover and can also include a message on the inside cover page. What makes VideoBook truly unique is that you can include both photos and videos, with each video printed with its own QR code so that you bring your personalised photo book to life and play videos right off the page.

Simply go to and upload your photos and videos.

VideoBook assigns QR codes to all video files in your storyboard. We also creates a full length video up to 10 mins long incorporating all video and photo files from that storyboard and using your selected style and soundtrack. All of your files are printed in the order that you have uploaded them, allowing you to assign photos where a video file is uploaded. Once printed you can enjoy both photos and videos in the same photo book!

Simply point the camera on your smartphone wherever you see a QR code to bring that photo to life!

VideoBook is a premium product with a unique, personalised flair that provides an immersive experience, ideal for gifts for any occasion. It combines all of the craftsmanship of the traditional bindery with technological innovation that is incredibly easy to use (Even for your grandparents!).

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Capturing That One Perfect Moment…

Togetherness is precious, especially during these times of social distancing. When friends and families can’t be together in person, small gestures and going the extra mile to say ‘I love you’ become that much more meaningful.

Imagine a cocooning grandmother, who hasn’t been able to see her family in six months. Then one day, she receives a luxury VideoBook from her daughter in the post. Sitting at her kitchen table, she carefully opens the box. She notices the embossed cover and smiles at the personalised message. Curious, she turns the page and is prompted to use her phone camera on the unique code above each photo. Emotion envelopes her as she sees and hears the smiling faces of her daughter and two grandchildren, waving and singing ‘Happy Birthday’. She laughs out loud with surprise and delight. For those few minutes, it seemed like they were in the room with her… and she will be able to relive this magic moment again and again. 

A VideoBook is a true keepsake, and you can continue adding to it over a lifetime. Do this by adding extra project pages utilising it’s unique screw post design and using credits which can be purchased through your account. With unlimited storage, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to creating a personalised video collection, whether for yourself or to give as gifts to friends and family. Your VideoBook is a premium photo book for the 21st century. With its stream of blank pages, you can let your imagination run wild. And instead of a static arrangement of photographs, your device lets you truly bring your most treasured moments to life, in a collection that’s as dynamic and individual as you are.

How Do You Get Started Using VideoBook?

Once you purchase one of our premium, hand-bound VideoBook, you’ll be directed to our VideoBook Builder. Upload your videos and photos and then drag and drop them to arrange their sequence and even add captions. Once you’re happy with the way you’ve laid out your moments, add captions underneath to give a running commentary.

Give your videos some pizzazz with our variety of different filters, themes and soundtracks. Experiment with different combinations and soundtrack samples to make sure you have the perfect flare to offset your video’s mood. Preview your creation before finalising. 

The finished project is then printed, added to your VideoBook and delivered directly to your door. You can also fully integrate your VideoBook account with your social media channels, allowing you to take videos and photos from Facebook, Instagram, etc. and upload them onto your device for safe-keeping. In this, curating your own bespoke VideoBook is a lifelong experience, where you can add new memories as you create them. And with all video content stored securely on the cloud, you will always have access to it, no matter where you are.

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VideoBooks Make Great Personalised Gifts for Any Occasion

VideoBook is the perfect gift for all occasions! In an age when content is ubiquitous and consumable, VideoBook offers a more classic approach to viewing your videos. The people in your life – and the good times you’ve spent with them – are precious, and they deserve a top-tier showcase. You bring the memories, and the creative flare, and VideoBook will provide an elegant keepsake destination to display them in.

Is your best friend getting married? Make her hen night sparkle with a VideoBook celebrating your friendship. Include videos of girls’ nights out, holidays to the beach, dinner parties, and cocktail nights. And don’t forget personal video messages from each of the bridesmaids congratulating her on the big event!

Are you a new parent? Try a digital spin on the classic baby book, by recording your baby’s milestones as they grow up. From first steps to first day of school, VideoBook makes the perfect treasure trove for storing these precious memories. And they will always be close at hand for easy reminiscing.

Do you have a partner who’s impossible to shop for? Have you already exhausted the list of personalised gifts you can get them on birthdays and anniversaries? Curate a video slideshow of your most romantic moments together – how you met, your first date, first music festival, and so on. Retell your love story against the backdrop of our ‘Dolce Amore’ soundtrack. Shoot a quick video of yourself reciting their favorite poem, or crooning the song you think of as ‘yours’.

Bonus Tips for Creative Gifts

(Bonus tip: a VideoBook with a personal message makes a unique and memorable anniversary gift. And the customary gift to give your partner on your 4th anniversary is something electronic!)

VideoBook makes for a fabulous collaborative gift as well. Get the whole family involved in uploading short videos congratulating your dad on his retirement. Then, splice them together into one message before sending him his printed VideoBook Or get all the girls at a hen night to upload selfie videos, where everyone sings part of a song for the bride-to-be. Bringing friends and family together, VideoBook is effectively a creative, collective photo book. And everyone has a chance to share their own personal touch to the final product.

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Don’t Let Everyone Else Have All the Fun!

It goes without saying that a VideoBook makes a perfect ‘just because’ gift for yourself as well. Whether it’s to reward yourself for getting that promotion you’ve been eyeing up, or if it’s just a spontaneous ‘self-care’ purchase, a VideoBook is the perfect addition to your mantelpiece or coffee table.

Have you just gotten back from a once-in-a-lifetime holiday? Upload your videos and photos to create a multimedia travel journal documenting your adventures. Reliving the beaches of Ibiza, or your backpacking trip across the Andes, is as easy as opening the cover and pressing play. Share your globetrotting escapades with friends and family, without the hassle of scrolling through your phone or searching folders for videos to queue up.

Are you a musician, animator, filmmaker, or any kind of visual artist? A VideoBook will give your portfolio a veneer of professionalism, in case you need to show someone examples of your work on short notice. Upload videos of live gigs or short films, or photos of your artwork, to our storyboard. You will be all set to impress anyone who comes along!

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VideoBooks Make Fantastic Personalised Gifts to Bring Loved Ones Together

The use cases for VideoBook are as limitless as your imagination. Perhaps you need ideas for gifts for the special people in your life, or you’re looking for a personalised talking piece for your own sitting room. Either way, VideoBook, is a one of a kind way to relive our best memories and spark new conversations. Whether you’re showcasing your artistic talents, displaying a digital collage of congratulations and well-wishes to the new bride and groom, or letting your friends vicariously experience the sights and sounds of your trip to Bali, VideoBook provides a high-end, multimedia keepsake that will last a lifetime.

This connection is important especially now, when friends and families are keeping each other at a distance. Most of us are already depending on devices to keep in touch with our loved ones. We’re communicating through Skype and Zoom calls. Many times we’re missing out on the in-person joy of parties, vacations, graduations, and watching children grow up. Giving the gift of a VideoBook is the next best way to preserve those memories and share them with the people who couldn’t be there in person.

At a price of €99.99, with additional project pages purchased for €29.99, VideoBook is a great choice for a loved one accustomed to the finer things in life. If you’re eager to learn more, head over to our product page to get started creating a gift they’ll remember for years to come!

What our customers are saying

"Wow. I have used Video Book twice now and they are just amazing. They are super helpful and the final product is just superb. If you want a gift that will be remembered get a Video Book. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed." - Kavita Baldwin

What our customers are saying

"I could not recommend this more. It's an amazingly special gift to give someone. I very rarely would give a 10/10 but Video Book goes further absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for the beautiful gift and help they gave me through out my entire order." - Linda Kelly

What our customers are saying

"I got one of these for my sons 13th birthday during quarentine, I got his friends and family to send me on videos and pictures which were all added together and he was blown away by it. It really was a super gift. I'd highly recommend them." - Aisling Campbell