VideoBook Lets You Showcase Video Memories in a Bespoke Photo Book

Slowing down and taking time to smell the roses is the new ‘work hard, play hard’. And what better way to remind yourself of all the good things in life than by perusing a photo book? From the crack of the binding as you open the cover to the feel of quality posterboard beneath your fingertips… Flipping through the pages of a hardbound photo book is a soothing, mindful experience that can’t be replicated by scrolling through photo and video content on social media. 

VideoBook combines the satisfaction of leafing through a physical book – maybe lingering on your favourite photos and bookmarking a page you want to go back to – with the multimedia element of videos. Anyone can access these videos by holding their smartphone over printed QR codes. This then links them to the VideoBook storyboard, where the video files will be stored.

Imagine you give your mum a VideoBook for her birthday, full of photos from your family trip to Spain. You spent weeks collecting photos from your siblings and designing the page layout. Now, when you’re looking at photos of Park Guell and Barcelona’s white-sand beaches, you can really bring them to life. Simply hold your smartphone over the QR code printed directly on the page. You’ll instantly be able to watch the roll of waves as you dive into the crystal-clear Mediterranean. You’ll hear the guitar music and see the hypnotic movements of the flamenco dancer in Madrid. 

VideoBook can give you this experience… and much more!

friends jumping on a beach

What Is a VideoBook?

VideoBook is a 320mm x 233mm photo album, lovingly handcrafted and bound in high-quality vegan leather. Its flyleaf interior has a luxurious felted feel. And with 350 gsm photograph definition, you will be able to enjoy your pictures in full detail. Unique QR codes linking to videos are printed in corners of pages, alongside photos they are paired with, so they don’t get in the way of page design.

What’s more, VideoBook’s unique screw post binding makes it easy to order new photo spreads and add them in whenever you want. All VideoBooks are handmade in Galway, Ireland, and the finished project ships to anywhere in the world. 

VideoBook photo book

How Do the QR Codes Work?

When you create your VideoBook account, you will have access to the storyboard. From there, it’s a simple process to upload photos and videos from your device. Photos will be printed in the physical VideoBook. And because viewers will watch videos in digital format you can add your own sparkle to them, with our many video styles and extensive music library. Once finished, you’ll have a chance to preview your final project. When you’re ready, simply click ‘I’m Happy’ and it will process your order.

After printing, the finished and fully personalised VideoBook will deliver straight to your door. The pages will include your printed photo layouts, as well as QR codes for the video files which you uploaded to the storyboard. Whoever looks through the photo book simply opens up their smartphone camera and points it at the QR code. The QR code will link them directly to the uploaded video. Plus, the VideoBook as a whole will have its own unique QR code linking to the completed project on the storyboard. This will be printed alongside the title photo on the first page.

And unlike other digital photo book products, there’s no need to download any software or pay an ongoing fee for hosting your content. It’s all included in the VideoBook price of €99.99!

Videos Perfect the Photo Book Experience for a Digital Generation

A VideoBook is an inspired way to take the classic gift of a photo album and revamp it for the modern era. Videos preserve your precious memories like nothing else can. Unfortunately, without a way to physically showcase our videos, they tend to disappear into files on our phones and laptops. 

With a VideoBook, you can archive your videos alongside your photos in an elegant album that you can pick up and leaf through anytime you want. Not only will this keep your videos from being buried in old hard drives. But including a video dimension actually enhances the experience of looking through a photo book. When viewed alongside traditional photo spreads, videos can walk you through the memory of a special time in your life so vividly you feel like you’re reliving it. 

A Perfectly Romantic Anniversary Gift…

For example, say you decide to give your husband a VideoBook as an anniversary gift. You contact all your loved ones asking them to send a few of their favourite photos or videos from your wedding. Then you spend a few nights lovingly arranging them on the storyboard and adding different musical themes. 

Watch as your husband opens his gift-wrapped VideoBook on the big day. He’ll be whisked to memory lane as he turns page after page. But now, in addition to pictures of the guests in their wedding finery and the happy couple arm in arm, he’ll be able to scan a QR code and hear your guests cheering as you enter the venue for the first time as newlyweds. You’ll both be able to relive your first dance. You can watch the band play bop after bop, and listen to guests’ laughter as the best man gives his speech. 

Looking for an extra-special touch? Ask the bridal party members to record themselves giving a personal message congratulating you both for making it so far. You could even get your kids in on the fun!

Adding video content is a great way to augment the traditional photo book experience for the 21st century. To breathe new life into your treasured memories. With VideoBook, these are all memories that will never grow old or be forgotten.

What our customers are saying

"Wow. I have used Video Book twice now and they are just amazing. They are super helpful and the final product is just superb. If you want a gift that will be remembered get a Video Book. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed." - Kavita Baldwin

What our customers are saying

"I could not recommend this more. It's an amazingly special gift to give someone. I very rarely would give a 10/10 but Video Book goes further absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for the beautiful gift and help they gave me through out my entire order." - Linda Kelly

What our customers are saying

"I got one of these for my sons 13th birthday during quarentine, I got his friends and family to send me on videos and pictures which were all added together and he was blown away by it. It really was a super gift. I'd highly recommend them." - Aisling Campbell