VideoBook: A Photo Album That Connects to Your Digital Video Gallery

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” as the saying goes. However, in a society where we all have smartphones, videos are just as important as photos for preserving our memories. And with social media apps like TikTok and Instagram, we live in a golden age for DIY videos. However, showcasing our video content in an elegant, permanent way can be tricky. While most of us have at least one photo album displaying the highlights of our photo collection, videos tend to get buried on our devices and forgotten. 

VideoBook is here to change all that. VideoBook is a premium, handmade photo book that connects directly to a permanent digital video gallery. Simply flip through the album’s pages, peruse the printed photo spreads, and hold your smartphone camera over QR codes in the margins. This will link you straight to your videos, which are stored on your online VideoBook account. No passwords or logging in are required.

Reliving the sights and sounds of your treasured memories has never been so easy!

How Does VideoBook Work as a Photo Album + Video Showcase?

VideoBook is a physical photo book, handmade and bound in Galway, Ireland, with vegan leather and a felted interior. Its double-sided pages are 320mm x 233mm in dimension, so your 350 gsm custom photo spreads will be large enough for you to see in vivid detail. The book’s unique screw post binding also means you can order new photo spreads and add them to the album whenever you wish.

But what makes VideoBook unique is that it’s both a physical and a digital showcase for your memories. Your first step is to create a VideoBook account. Then, simply log in and upload your photos and videos directly from your device to the VideoBook storyboard. The order you lay out your photos on the storyboard is the order they will be printed out in.

Now is your chance to get creative. Curate the finest of your photos and arrange them to tell your story. Highlight them with videos that heighten the experience. For example, you and the girls could get together to create a bespoke VideoBook for your bestie’s wedding. Your storyboard might flow from memories of girls’ nights out, group holidays to Ibiza, and of course photos from the hen night. Then, when the bride holds her phone over the QR codes, they’ll show her videos you recorded of everyone giving a loving, personal message of congratulations for her wedding day. 

Don’t be afraid to add a little pizzazz, with our wide range of video styles and themes from our music library. Once everything is perfect, you can preview the digital spreads and finalise. Then click ‘I’m Happy’ to order your printed photo book.

Convenient Access for All Your Videos

Each video you upload to the storyboard will receive a unique QR code. These will be printed in the corners of your VideoBook photo spreads. Anyone with a smartphone can then scan the QR code to view the video at any time. 

Imagine sending a VideoBook to your mum for her birthday. Not only does she get to experience turning the pages and seeing the smiling faces of her grandkids. But she can also scan the QR codes to see the whole family gathered together to sing her ‘Happy Birthday’. 

In addition to individual videos, the entire project video, which combines all photos and videos from your storyboard into a single video story with its own style and soundtrack, will have a QR code printed on the title page. That way, multiple people can view the completed project in its digital format anytime they want. So your mum can simply send the QR code to her friends to show off the most thoughtful and caring birthday gift she’s received, as well as videos of her grandkids’ first day at school, their performance in the school play, and their splashing in the ocean for their summer holiday.

Best of all, all your photo and video files are free to store with your VideoBook account. Once you purchase your VideoBook for €99.99, there are no extra fees to host your content. Your precious memories are securely stored on our server, at no extra cost!

A Photo + Video Album Is a Perfect Gift for Loved Ones… 

VideoBook offers a unique way for you to tell the whole story of your memories – with nothing left out. Videos provide a more dynamic, engaging way to enjoy your photo album. They bring your memories to life like nothing else can. 

Imagine you’ve ordered a personalised VideoBook as a romantic Valentine’s gift for your partner. Not only will he get to open the hardbound cover and leaf through the photo spreads mapping out your love story – from your first date as 20-somethings, to the birth of your first child. But by scanning the QR codes, he will get to watch videos salvaged from old laptops and smartphones. Memories he thought were lost forever he’ll be able to re-experience in full sensory detail. Perhaps he’ll laugh as he watches the video of you and your children waving at him. Then, when he sees the video of you serenading him at karaoke night, or when he hears your song play as he leads you to the dance floor at your wedding, he’ll fall in love with you all over again.

… Or for Yourself!

Just because a VideoBook makes an absolutely perfect gift for a loved one doesn’t mean you should write it off as a gift for yourself. When it comes to self-care, there’s nothing more relaxing than brewing up a warm cup of nostalgia as you leaf through a photo album of all your fondest memories. 

For example, you can curate a photo and video essay of your summer holiday to Thailand. Then you can print it up in a VideoBook. Imagine flipping through your travel photos of ancient temples, colourful statues, and illuminated tents of Bangkok’s night market. But you won’t get the full experience until you scan the QR codes and immerse yourself in a treasure trove of videos. 

From the comfort of your living room, you’ll relive the noise and excitement of Bangkok rush hour, filmed from the backseat of your tuk-tuk. Or the sizzle of noodles flash-frying in a wok as you try your hand at making pad thai at a cookery course in Chiang Mai. Or the shrieks of laughter as you and your friends splash into the crystal-clear waters off the coast of Krabi. 

With VideoBook, these vivid sounds and movements that make up your memories are safely preserved and easy to access. This way, you can revisit them whenever you want. In the 21st century, a photo album that doesn’t include your video memories is only telling half a story. VideoBook lets you tell that story in all its fullness, and revitalise your treasured memories every time you open the cover.

What our customers are saying

"Wow. I have used Video Book twice now and they are just amazing. They are super helpful and the final product is just superb. If you want a gift that will be remembered get a Video Book. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed." - Kavita Baldwin

What our customers are saying

"I could not recommend this more. It's an amazingly special gift to give someone. I very rarely would give a 10/10 but Video Book goes further absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for the beautiful gift and help they gave me through out my entire order." - Linda Kelly

What our customers are saying

"I got one of these for my sons 13th birthday during quarentine, I got his friends and family to send me on videos and pictures which were all added together and he was blown away by it. It really was a super gift. I'd highly recommend them." - Aisling Campbell