10 Romantic Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful thing, and as anyone who is married will tell you, it’s a lot of hard work. So whether you and your partner have been together for one year or for fifty, it’s important to set aside one day a year to celebrate your love and commitment. We all know the traditional anniversary gifts by year: 1 is paper, 2 is cotton, 3 is leather and so on. But our tastes have become more sophisticated over the past century. Put a modern spin on romance with these 10 fab gift ideas for the 21st-century couple!

Year 1 – Clocks

You may think a clock is a mundane anniversary gift. Don’t we all have smartphones anyway? But clocks have long been a symbol of luxury and elegance. In the late 18th century, clockmakers built beautiful timepieces out gold and precious jewels, and had monarchs such as Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI as their patrons. Today, a clock is a necessity for any home. It’s practical, ties the room together, and can suit any aesthetic or décor.

To get ideas for clocks of all shapes and sizes – from vintage pendulum clocks to avant-garde skeleton clocks – browse the listings at TickTockClocks.

Year 2 – China

The next thing every home needs is a good set of china. Perhaps you and your partner are avid tea or coffee drinkers, looking to upgrade from your old stoneware teapot. Or perhaps you need an elegant set of tableware for special occasions. Your second anniversary is the perfect opportunity to get each other heirloom gifts to grace your dining room table. For a local brand with over 200 years of heritage, Wedgwood offers the entire spectrum of fine china and porcelain gifts – from votives and vanity accessories to Royal Albert bone china tea sets.

crystal heart anniversary gifts

Year 3 – Crystal

When buying crystal as a gift for a loved one, the definitive luxury brand is Waterford Crystal. However, Ireland is also home to lesser known handcrafted crystal brands. Go off the beaten path with jewellery reminiscent of Classic Hollywood from Tipperary Crystal’s Maureen O’Hara line. Or get your partner a personalised Galway Crystal decanter set engraved with their name.

Year 4 – Electrical Device

If you’re this far into a relationship, you’ve already collected a treasure trove of wonderful memories shared with your spouse. For your 4th anniversary, get them the perfect means of showcasing a lifetime of those memories, something that will stand apart from all other gifts: a VideoBook.

VideoBookhttps://videobook.shop/product/video-book/ is an elegant, bespoke photo book that combines the traditional craftsmanship of the bindery with all of the technical innovation of a modern day video editing service. And as the gift-giver you can upload video and photo content onto the Storyboard and then add your own personalised flair, such as filters, soundtracks and a wide variety of themes to fit the occasion. VideoBook is essentially a high-end photo book for the 21st century, that you can continue to add memories to in the years to come. It’s a romantic way to relive the best of times with your partner, and look forward to making new memories together!


Year 5 – Silverware

Perhaps you take ‘silverware’ literally and want to buy your partner a set of dining cutlery. Or perhaps you would rather open it up to anything made of silver. Either way, Newbridge Silverware, based in Co. Kildare, Ireland, has been the standard name in upmarket silver artisan work in the British Isles since 1934. They offer silver-plated cutlery canteens, ranging from 44-piece to 88-piece sizes. Silverware items can be personalised with engravings, and make an excellent match to the china dining set from your second anniversary gift.

Newbridge also has other gifts to choose from, including various luxury jewellery lines, cufflinks and stationery sets. Plus, they offer free shipping to Ireland and the UK.

Year 6 – Wood

A wooden gift may seem like a step back after silver. But wood is a natural and versatile material, and there are a lot of creative ways you can put on your own spin on it. Furniture is perhaps the most obvious gift idea. After six years you and your partner likely have (or are thinking about) a place of your own. And hand-crafted, bespoke furniture is the perfect way to put your own accents on your home. The Wood Factory in Dublin offers unique, custom-made pieces crafted from locally grown hardwood. But you can also branch out and gift your loved one jewellery, utensils and sculptures carved from wood. You could even give back to the earth and sponsor a tree in their name!

Year 7 – Brass / Desk Set

It may not be the most romantic of gifts… but especially now that many of us are working remotely, the accessories for a comfortable home office are a must. If you have the time, you can curate a desk set piece by piece. Add pens, notepads, and a vintage brass desk lamp. Or, for a classic, corner-office feel, you can buy them a 5-piece desk set of Florentine leather.

Year 8 – Linen

Linen as a material is classic, versatile and naturally anti-bacterial. So any anniversary gifts made from linen – whether clothing or home décor – will be a surefire winner. Irish Linen House is one of the top brands in a country that’s renowned for its luxury linen products. From its minimalist Wild Collection, meant to evoke the muted tones of the Atlantic Ocean, to its more ornate Heritage Collection, inspired by Celtic patterns and Irish folklore, any of their linen products will make for a much-treasured heirloom.

linen anniversary gifts

Year 9 – Leather

Leather is another timeless gift that you can’t go wrong with. It’s natural and durable, and can be tailored to fit all styles and tastes. Tanner Bates is a traditional English leatherworker that provides simple, elegant leather products of all sorts, from satchels to wallets to leatherbound notebooks. If you’re confident you know your partner’s clothing style, a leather jacket or pair of boots also makes an excellent gift that will last for years.

Year 10 – Diamond Jewellery

If your marriage has lasted for an entire decade, that’s a milestone to be proud of! The traditional list of yearly anniversary gifts leaves diamonds until your 60th anniversary. However, in this day and age, diamonds are much more accessible – and ethically sourced – than they were in previous generations. Weir & Sons is one of Dublin’s iconic high street brands, specialising in luxury jewellery and watches. All of their diamonds are guaranteed conflict free, and you can even opt for lab-grown diamonds if you wish.

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