Relive Your Special Day With a Luxury VideoBook Wedding Album

Your wedding is without a doubt one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day when all your friends and family gather to celebrate the love between you and your partner. It’s a day of joy and tears, of intense emotions, moving speeches, and letting your hair down on the dance floor. And as anyone who’s ever tied the knot can tell you, the day will go by like a blur. That’s why a wedding album is such an important touchstone to help you relive your special day once the honeymoon is over and life has gone back to normal.

But weddings are different from how they used to be, now that everyone is an amateur photographer and filmmaker thanks to smartphones. A VideoBook is the perfect way to preserve your guests’ photos and videos in a luxury wedding album that will spark memories of your romantic milestone for years to come.

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What Is a VideoBook?

VideoBook is a classic, elegant photo book, handmade and bound in vegan leather in Galway, Ireland. With its embossed cover and felted interior, this is a premium album that showcases not only photos but videos as well. Customers can create a VideoBook account and then upload photo and video content from any device onto our storyboard. Arrange your digital photo spreads in the order you want viewers to experience them as they turn the pages of the physical album. 

Add your own personal touch, with filters and flair for the pictures, and a wide range of themes from our music library for the videos. Once you have everything arranged the way you like it, you can preview your final spreads and click ‘I’m Happy’ to place your order. When your VideoBook delivers to your address, each video will be represented on the page by a unique QR code. To view the videos, simply position your smartphone camera over the QR code, and you will be linked to the uploaded video. Plus, each VideoBook has a QR code, printed beneath the title photo on page 1, that links to the full album in its digital form.

A VideoBook makes a timeless addition to any bookshelf or coffee table. Its dimensions of 320mm x 233mm make it comfortable to hold but large enough to view your photo memories in full detail. And its screwpost binding design means you can design and order new photo spreads and add them seamlessly in. Best of all, there are no ongoing fees for storing video files in your digital video gallery – it’s all included in the one-time price of €99.99.

How to Add Videos into Your Bespoke Wedding Album

Video memories offer a truly dynamic and sensory experience, making them a wonderful way to offset your photo spreads. 

Especially when it comes to your wedding, so much of the magic of the day is impossible to capture with photos alone. A 360 degree panoramic view of your perfect wedding venue and the excitement in the air as guests start to arrive. The tears in your voices as you read your vows out to each other. The cheering and applause as you walk back down the aisle as newlyweds. The swish of your dress as he twirls you during your first dance. All of these meaningful moments are just as important to preserve alongside your photos. 

Start at the Beginning… 

A creative arrangement of video accents can turn your wedding album into a full, multimedia experience. Arrange with your bridesmaids beforehand, so they can make sure that someone has the camera rolling for all the key moments of your big day.

For example, your video wedding album might start with early-morning glamour shots of you and your bridesmaids getting hair and makeup done. On the left-hand corner of the double-page spread, one QR code will link to a video of you and your girls clinking mimosas as everyone wishes you a long and happy marriage. Directly opposite, the QR code on the right-hand corner links to a video that perfectly captures the mood as they see you in your wedding dress for the first time.

As you map out your wedding memories in the VideoBook storyboard, try to consider: what are the high points of your wedding that will accentuate the photo spreads? A video of your shining moment as you walk down the aisle in your gown – capturing the accompanying music as well as guests’ emotional reactions – is an absolute must. Pair this QR code with a still-frame photo of your husband-to-be as he sees you for the first time, capturing his expression of pure love and awe.

Feel the Romance

As you design the progression of photos on the storyboard, think of the mood you want to create on each spread. Perhaps you want a solemn feel for the photos of you and your husband at the altar. (Upload a video of the two of you exchanging vows for a guaranteed tear-jerker the next time you’re looking through your wedding album together!)

Then, maybe you’ll want a more light-hearted vibe for the drinks reception. Have bridesmaids and groomsmen record videos of guests delivering their congratulations and well-wishes, in lieu of signing a traditional guest book.

Other poignant video ideas to include in your VideoBook may be the moment you and your new husband make your grand entrance into the venue, to applause and cheers. Speeches and toasts also make for a good audiovisual component to your photo book. And without a doubt, you’ll want to have a video of your first dance as newlyweds, so you can always remember the dreamy, romantic feeling of swaying in each other’s arms to the song you fell in love to. 

Whether you’re planning a fully DIY wedding or you just want guests to contribute to a photo book that will complement your professional wedding album, VideoBook is the perfect way to make sure your video memories are safely stored and easy to draw up at any moment. And whether you’re looking through its pages alone or curled up on the sofa with your honey, the artful combination of photos and videos will make you feel like you’re walking down the aisle all over again.

What our customers are saying

"Wow. I have used Video Book twice now and they are just amazing. They are super helpful and the final product is just superb. If you want a gift that will be remembered get a Video Book. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed." - Kavita Baldwin

What our customers are saying

"I could not recommend this more. It's an amazingly special gift to give someone. I very rarely would give a 10/10 but Video Book goes further absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for the beautiful gift and help they gave me through out my entire order." - Linda Kelly

What our customers are saying

"I got one of these for my sons 13th birthday during quarentine, I got his friends and family to send me on videos and pictures which were all added together and he was blown away by it. It really was a super gift. I'd highly recommend them." - Aisling Campbell