How to Use QR Codes to Add Videos to Your Wedding Photo Album

Thanks to smartphones, it’s possible to record professional-quality video without any special equipment needed. This is fantastic news for anyone planning a wedding, as you can be sure that your guests will capture every moment of your special day. However, that leaves the question: how do you showcase your videos along with your wedding photos in a premium photo album?

It’s all too easy to let these videos stay buried and forgotten about in folders on smartphones and laptops. But VideoBook gives you the chance to archive your video memories in a convenient, easy to access way using printed QR codes.

How Do QR Codes Work?

If you own a smartphone, chances are you are familiar with QR (short for “quick response”) codes. They are black and white matrix barcodes that link to a mobile URL when scanned with a smartphone camera. 

VideoBook uses QR codes to create a unique, 21st-century twist on the classic wedding photo album. Simply log into your VideoBook account and upload the photos and videos from your special day to our storyboard. Now is your chance to arrange the layout exactly the way you want it. Then, personalise your videos with your choice of different filters and musical themes from the VideoBook library.

After you complete your order, your bespoke, luxury photo book will be delivered to your address. Your VideoBook will have all the appearance of a high-end photo album, hand-bound in vegan leather and with a premium felted interior. Your photos will be printed in high definition, with dimensions of 320 mm x 233 mm, so you can enjoy reminiscing about your wedding in full, vivid detail.

But VideoBook goes above and beyond a standard wedding photo album in that the videos you upload to the storyboard each have their own unique QR code. Simply position your smartphone camera over the QR code, and it will automatically link you to the video you uploaded. Make your wedding photos come to life with videos to immerse you in the music, the sounds, the dancing, and more! 

Why Design Your Photo Album With VideoBook?

VideoBook offers an easy, intuitive process of incorporating QR codes into your wedding album. Simply upload your videos and personalise according to your taste. We’ll take care of the rest on our end. Since our QR codes are printed in the margins of the album, that means more space can be dedicated to your photo memories. 

With other photo books, you need to first upload your video to a video site, such as Vimeo, and then download your own QR code to link to it. Many free QR codes generated online expire after 30 days, so this runs the risk of permanently losing access to your videos. VideoBook takes the hassle out of this process by generating free, permanent QR codes for you.

VideoBook is your one-stop shop for both the creative and technical aspects. It’s the simplest way of printing a beautiful, one-of-a-kind photo book that will delight you and your loved ones for years to come. What’s more, VideoBook permanently hosts both your photo and video content on our secure servers, at no extra cost. You pay the one-time price of €99.99 (you can always order extra pages to add to your album for €29.99), and then VideoBook will store your album indefinitely.

Finally, every VideoBook comes with its own QR code that links to the entire book in digital format. You will find this printed on the title page of the physical photo album, so you can easily share the link with anyone who has a smartphone.

Creative Tips for Using QR Codes in Your Wedding Photo Album

When incorporating QR codes into your photo book, videos should enhance your photos, not distract from them. Whether you’re using unaltered videos straight from your device, or whether you’ve added flair and filters during the storyboard stage, always envision what you want your final project to be. 

First, gather your curated videos and decide what order you want them to appear in. What photos would they best complement in your final project? For example, for a double-page spread showing photos of you and your husband having your first dance, you may want to include QR codes linking to videos of the dance itself. That way, you can get the full effect of the professionally snapped portrait, as well as relive the motion, the music, and the cheers as your husband spins you and your gown twirls around you. 

Fill the next few pages with photos of your wedding guests letting their hair down and joining you in dancing… Watching through your reception videos, you’ll feel like you’re back on the dance floor!

Recreating That Magical Ambiance…

Your wedding is one of the most emotional and beautiful experiences you’ll ever have. Sound and music matter when it comes to sparking memories. By including videos in your photo book, you make sure that the entire scope of the day will be preserved for years to come.

Did you choose a meaningful song to play as you walk down the aisle? Do you want to remember forever the sound of your husband’s voice as he promised to love and cherish you? Does the sound of the band playing Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ as you sway back and forth on the dance floor still make your heart swell? These are all precious parts of the day that mere photos can’t fully do justice to. 

From the heartwarming music, to the clinking of champagne flutes as your guests toast your long and happy marriage, to the laughter and tears of loved ones as they wish you well, VideoBook provides a multisensory window into the past. Every time you open the cover, you can relive your wedding day in all its glory, and share those memories with friends and family.

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What our customers are saying

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What our customers are saying

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