Why a Photo Book Is the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Love is in the air. The days are getting longer and spring is right around the corner. You want to prove to that special someone that romance is alive and well. You’ve already done the standard gifts of flowers and chocolate. This February, you’re looking for a unique and meaningful Valentine’s Day gift idea. Something that will celebrate the love you’ve built together. Why not give them a bespoke photo book as a gift?

A photo book is the perfect gift to show your partner how you feel as you showcase all of your most wonderful memories together. It’s a gift that’s both elegant and fun. In the age of social media, photos are too often something we barely pay attention to. We scroll through them on our phones and then forget about them. A high-quality, hardbound photo album is a throwback to a time when pictures were something we treasured. It’s a reminder to slow down and find joy in the little things.

A Photo Book Is Unique and Thoughtful

The best part of giving your partner a photo book on Valentine’s Day is that it’s a totally unique and personalised gift idea. The album can be as long or short as you want. Let your creative side go wild as you choose the theme and mood – will it be romantic? Silly? Spicy? A little bit of everything? Best of all, you get to choose the memories that will be preserved in its pages. 

Your loved one will be touched when they see how much time you devoted to creating something as special as your love together. The two of you can snuggle up as you relive your first date, or your holiday to Paris, or your honeymoon. And, unlike a bottle of prosecco or box of chocolates, a photo book is a gift you both can enjoy again and again throughout the years.

A Photo Book Is an Appropriate Valentine’s Gift for All Sorts of Relationships

Would you give your husband of 30 years a €5 stuffed toy that you picked up on the way home from work? Probably not. 

In the same vein, giving your girlfriend of 3 months a diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day is also not the best gift idea… You will come off as overly intense and even intimidating.

A photo book makes a perfect Valentine’s gift for relationships of all vintages, specifically because it’s so personalisable. For new relationships, you can hit that happy medium between sweet and romantic. If you need some theme ideas, try a ‘Year in the Life’ theme. Watch your relationship blossom through photo spreads: from first date to first weekend getaway to your first holiday season together. Years from now, flipping the pages will let you relive the passion and butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling of new love.

For a relationship with many years under its belt, the possibilities for a romantic Valentine’s-themed photo album as a gift are endless. Arrange photos from different eras of your lives together. These can range from your wild whirlwind days as a young couple, to holidays and festivals, to raising a family together.

Personalised Themes 

The beauty of a photo book as a gift is that you can let your imagination run wild. Curate an album that’s dedicated to different places you and your partner have gone for holidays and weekend getaways. From the comfort of home, you will be able to reminisce together about your adventures in far-off places… and maybe even start planning your next trip! 

If you and your partner have children together, you can create a family photo book together. Brainstorm photo ideas with the kids to design an album that displays the best memories and milestones of your family – birthday parties, holidays, graduations, and more — over the years. This includes pets!

Or, if you’re looking to spice things up a little on Valentine’s Day, a great gift idea to reignite the passion between you and your partner is to invest in a boudoir photography shoot. You’ll have lots of fun doing it, and perhaps show your significant other a surprising side of you they’d never seen before!

videobook photo book

VideoBook is a Photo Book Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day That Brings Your Love to Life

If you’re looking for a photo book Valentine’s gift with a digital twist, get your loved one a bespoke VideoBook for €99.99. 

VideoBook is an interactive, multimedia photo book, beautifully handbound in vegan leather, that lets you showcase all your most cherished moments – both photo and video. Once you purchase a VideoBook through our online shop, you will be directed to the VideoBook Builder. Here’s where you let your inner Spielberg loose, as you upload different photo and video files. Arrange the photos in the specific layout you want them to appear in the physical album. Add your own unique flair with captions, messages, and different themes and filters. 

When your sweetie opens the physical photo book, they will be able to watch the videos by scanning QR codes. Imagine their excitement as they flip through heartwarming memories of your lives together. They linger on a spread of photos from last summer’s music festival. When they place their smartphone over the printed QR code, it links them to a video of the two of you singing and dancing along with the gig. They laugh out loud, and for a moment the two of you are back there, having the time of your lives as you serenade each other!

Upload Media from Social Media and Add New Pages

When designing your VideoBook, you can upload photos and videos from your device. Or, you can link your VideoBook account with your social media profiles. That way, you can take photos and videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, and more. Your video content is stored on the cloud, so it remains fully secure and you can access it no matter where you are.

Best of all, as your relationship grows you can add to your photo book. Design and order new pages for €19.99, and when they arrive you can add them to your book. Your VideoBook will grow more unique and beautiful alongside your love, making it a dynamic and romantic gift that will last you a lifetime.

What our customers are saying

"Wow. I have used Video Book twice now and they are just amazing. They are super helpful and the final product is just superb. If you want a gift that will be remembered get a Video Book. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed." - Kavita Baldwin

What our customers are saying

"I could not recommend this more. It's an amazingly special gift to give someone. I very rarely would give a 10/10 but Video Book goes further absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for the beautiful gift and help they gave me through out my entire order." - Linda Kelly

What our customers are saying

"I got one of these for my sons 13th birthday during quarentine, I got his friends and family to send me on videos and pictures which were all added together and he was blown away by it. It really was a super gift. I'd highly recommend them." - Aisling Campbell